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Eurofound webinar Topic: Platform work Munkakörülmények és fenntartható munka A foglalkoztatás új formái A digitális korszak: a munka és a foglalkoztatás lehetőségei és kihívásai A változások hatásának előrejelzése és kezelése On 13 June from Moderated by Irene Mandl, Head of the Employment Unit at Eurofound, this minute webinar aimed to bring together practitioners and policymakers to illustrate experiences and share innovative approaches aimed at addressing issues arising from this employment form.

Oscar Vargas Llave, Research Officer at Eurofound, presented fresh findings and a panel discussion delved deeper into this largely demand-driven employment form, pointing to the many advantages for both workers and employers and some of the downsides.

If everyone is to be a winner, it is critical that safety nets are intersection syndrome place. Examples of new developments included legal initiatives such as the French right to disconnect le droit à la déconnexionsafeguarding the health and well-being of workers, work intensification and increase in work-life conflicts for self-employed workers.

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This webinar was aimed at all workers in Europe affected by or interested in flexible digital work arrangements, including the social partners, EU institutions and national government representatives, as well as academics intersection syndrome civil society. Take-aways Take-aways from Eurofoundlive webinar 13 June Technology is developing fast and is a powerful tool to help organise work better. The ability to work somewhere other than a fixed workplace, intersection syndrome by ICT, has created genuine opportunities for one fifth of the workforce.

While there are many advantages associated with ICT-based mobile work, not least flexibility in work organisation, recent studies have shown it can also lead to increased stress for workers.

These workers, pressurised both by their own work ethic or their manager, can often find it difficult to decide when to stop and switch off. Being conscious of the risks and creating an awareness about how we manage this way of working is important if we are to reap the benefits of its use.

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Intersection syndrome main health and safety concerns are the psychosocial effects linked to the blurring of boundaries between work and private life. Technology alone is not responsible for this work intensity: for example, the decline in support functions and the reassignment of administrative and clerical tasks lead to an increase in workload and necessitate regular training in how to use new and updated software.

Workplace demands heighten the effects of ICT use. ICT-based mobile workers are more likely to continue working when they are ill. According to case studies carried out by Eurofound, workers who have intersection syndrome to remote working arrangements tend to telework from home rather than applying for sick leave.

ICT-based mobile work is developing fast and regulation in this area is lagging behind. The EU Working Time Directive has contributed to better working conditions in the EU but could be updated to address issues presented by ICT-based flexible working: for example, a greater emphasis intersection syndrome psychosocial risks.

The European Autonomous Framework Agreement on Telework addresses flexible working conditions; however, as flexible work has expanded hugely since the signing of the agreement, any update would need to include all forms of ICT-based flexible working, not just regular telework. Attention should also be given to implementing and enforcing rules around ICT-based mobile work at company level.

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One of the main ways employers can allow an employee to disconnect is through workload adjustment, releasing the employee from the obligation to connect outside working time to carry out tasks. The employer has a central role to play in helping to enforce the right to disconnect. Integrating technology better into education is essential and the next generation needs to be made aware of intersection syndrome multiple advantages and challenges inherent in ICT use.

The EWCS has been carried out approximately every five years since its launch in Its aims are to: assess and quantify working conditions of both employees and the self-employed intersection syndrome Europe on a harmonised basis analyse relationships between different aspects of working conditions identify groups at risk and issues of concern as well as of progress monitor trends by providing homogeneous indicators on these issues contribute to European policy development in particular on quality of work and employment issues.

ICT: Information and communication technologies ICT-based mobile workers: Workers who are not tied to a particular work location as they use a tablet, laptop or phone to connect the intersection syndrome network via information and communication technologies ICTs.

Nomophobia: The fear-of-missing out syndrome. When a person suffers severe anxiety if separated from a phone, laptop or tablet.


Nomophobia is a combination of the words no, mobile and phobia. OSH: Occupational Safety and Health covers a multi-disciplinary field which deals with the safety, health and welfare of people at work.

Psychosocial risks: Refers to those aspects of the design and management of work, and its social and organisational context that have the potential to cause psychological or physical harm.

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The right to disconnect: Innew legislation was introduced in France to provide workers with the right to disconnect from work. The aim is to provide workers with a right to limit the negative aspects of work arrangements. This has been done, in most cases, by encouraging social partners to adopt agreements at company or sectoral level, giving workers the possibility to avoid working long hours and being able to combine work and fájó ízületi kefe kezelése responsibilities.

Virtual presenteeism: Presenteeism is when employees go to work despite being sick.

Recommended Articles A gyermekkorban családon belül elszenvedett traumatizáció fontos, de sokszor fel nem ismert patogén tényező, amely az egész személyiségfejlődést de formálhatja, és szerepet játszik nem csupán a későbbi pszichológiai károsodások, hanem az egészségkárosító viselkedésformák, valamint a krónikus egészségi problémák kialakulásában is. Míg a gyermekkori ártalmas élmények szerepe a mentális betegségek etiológiájában régóta ismert, addig a kapcsolata az akár élethosszig jelenlevő, krónikus szomatikus problémákkal és megbetegedésekkel csupán az utóbbi évtizedekben került a nemzetközi tudományos érdeklődés középpontjába.

Intersection syndrome, ICTs are increasingly facilitating people to work from home when they are unwell, i. She is mainly involved in research on labour market developments including new forms of work and employment, digitalisation, restructuring and related public policy approaches and topics at the intersection syndrome of employment and entrepreneurship such as job-creation, workplace practices, small and medium-sized enterprises, business start-ups and scale-ups and internationalisation.

Before joining Eurofound, she worked in policy-oriented socioeconomic research in Austria in the fields of employment and the labour market, as well as entrepreneurship and industry analysis.

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Oscar Vargas Llave is a research officer in the Working Life unit at Eurofound and manages projects on working conditions and related policies. He specialises in topics related to the organisation of working time, health and well-being, and ageing issues.

He is also interested in social and occupational inequalities. His current activities include research related to digitalisation and working conditions.

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Before joining Eurofound in Decemberhe worked as project coordinator in the field of health and safety and was responsible for the professional card scheme for the construction sector in Spain at the non-profit Fundación Laboral de la Construcción in Madrid.

She holds an MSc. She is mainly involved in studies on the impact on working conditions, in particular on health matters, of new forms of organisation. These new forms include platform work, public sector reforms and cooperative partnership systems such as the development of fair trade initiatives and participatory governance models. She holds a PhD in Economics.

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Sabina Martínez Moreno has been self-employed since and set up her own engineering and architectural company 10 years ago in Ibiza.

For the past six years, she has run the Balearic Islands office of Capmar, a Barcelona-based company specialising in information systems for public transport.

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Her main clients are in the public sector, where she is working on the digitalisation of public transport. She also provides technical services to the construction sector. As an ICT-based worker, she has a workspace at home and an external office for team and client meetings.

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She is a graduate of Girona University in Engineering. Tell us what you think. Hide comments Új hozzászólás.

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